What are Crystal Beings?


An Introduction to the world of Crystal Beings

I first came across the amazing Crystal Beings pendants through Mario and Eri, my dear colleagues in Mexico City who are crystal experts (amongst other things) and the most talented artisans who have also created the now very famous Goddess and Fairy Collection. Don’t they look amazing absorbing the beautiful energy of Fairy Woods in Ireland? Every time I wear mine, people can’t stop staring and comment on how beautiful they are!


Crystal Beings help us increase good-will and a community feeling by facilitating stability and peace both at a personal and group levels. They help to strengthen the emission and reception of telepathic messages and absorb and dissolve negative energy to avoid it being transmitted. Crystal Beings harmonise mind, body, emotions and spirit and support you in cleansing even the deepest pain. They foster maternal bonding and facilitate breast-feeding . When we wear Crystal Beings at night our dreams become more liberating and positive.


Cystal Beings are particularly useful for work with higher chakras, from the 4th onward because they activate and strengthen them as they stimulate self perception, Higher Wisdom and our karmic purposes. Crystal Beings choose YOU, not the other way around, now that’s quite something and just like any other crystals, they are cleaned by exposing them to the light of Full Moon. Email me (maye at embodyinnerbeauty dot com) if you want to see the latest Crystal Beings, just in case one of them is yours!


In love and gratefulness, Mayella ♥